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Welcome to Second Cut Arrow

Welcome to the NEWEST hunting product to hit the market and we want YOU to be a part of the magic! Our invention “Second Cut Arrow” is easy to use and will extend the life of hunting arrows that previously would have been disposable. Did we mention that we have a FULL UTILITY patent?!? What are you waiting for… start shopping today.

  • The Second Cut Arrow is designed for better blood trail which is essential when hunting in various weather conditions.
  • With our invention, because it extends the life of the arrow, this will save you money!
  • Looking for something to get that “hunter” in your life? This is a great “purchase or add on” product with any other arrow/hunting purchase.
  • This is a great hunting product that we hope ALL arrow manufacturers will embrace. By offering a way to extend the life of arrows; the end consumer will be happy that their dollar is going further (this product will extend the life of your arrow purchases and leave a better blood trail).
  • Our product is approximately 4” long. All that has to be done is cut the shaft and insert (you lose NO length)!
  • Our blade opens backwards (unlike other mechanical blades); therefore you won’t lose any kinetic energy.
Get More Deer
Extends the Life of Old Arrows
More Kinetic Energy
Better Blood Trail

Second Cut Arrow has developed a hunting product that utilizes a second set of cutting blades that deploy from within the arrow shaft to increase kill shots. This is the only product of it’s kind.

Second Cut Arrow is a new hunting product that was released to the public in 2014. This product increases many things for bow hunters: arrow life, blood trails, kill shots, kinetic energy/speed, penetration holes and much more. Join the revolutionary shift in bow hunting with Second Cut Arrow created by Ron McIvor and Chris Hartman.

We at Second Cut Arrow have acknowledged the problem of the high number of game animals that are lost every year due to small blood trails, limited damage to vitals, and the length of time it takes for the animal to die. Second Cut Arrow has developed a product that is revolutionizing the hunting world! This product utilizes a second set of cutting blades that deploys from within the shaft of the arrow adding a three inch diameter cut to GUARANTEE greater damage to the vitals. This results in more lethal shots leaving greater blood trails and quicker deaths. The blades stay within the arrow’s shaft and does not deploy until making contact with the animal’s flesh. Due to this design, the arrow’s flight is not adversely effected and even adds additional kinetic energy to your arrow!

Simply put, Second Cut Arrow will improve your success rate once the arrow leaves your bow or crossbow. Like our Facebook page to stay in the know of when you can start using our product:!


Ron McIvor


Ron McIvor graduated from Midland High School, Delta College and Mid-Michigan Community College. In addition to that, he also became a Certified Automotive Mechanic and has worked in the radio frequency cellular field for the past 19 years. Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Ron started hunting at age 12. He started with hunters safety classes and never stopped! He is an avid hunter and just loves the sport!

The inventor in him sleeps and dreams about hunting and designing products to help make it easier in the woods. Hunting in Northern Michigan … whether hunting on state land (which he has done for the past 10 years) and hunting on private property (that is only 5 to 10 acres of land); it is tougher then you may think. Today with tight budgets and more rules, it’s not easy to lease land and finding someone to let you hunt on their property can be challenging too. But saying that, if you want it enough, you will find a way to make it happen, and nothing beats coming home with a nice trophy! That’s the thrill of it.


Christopher Hartman


Christopher Hartman is from Hazel Park, Michigan and graduated from HPHS in 1990. Shortly after graduating, he followed in his grandfather’s footsteps working in the great state of Alaska. For 3 summers he would work in the (Cod, Salmon, and Halibut) fishing industry. This is where his love for hunting and the great outdoors was created. Backpacking, Hiking, fishing, climbing mountains, wildlife viewing and photography were things he did when work was slow. He bow hunted for the first time in 1993. He bought a used Pearson Cherokee bow and shot his first deer the very first day out hunting… all while wearing blue jeans and a blue jean jacket (who needs camo “scent lock”)? Christopher has had the privilege to hunt some great ground throughout Michigan and has some great trophies over the years. As an avid Deer, Turkey and Predator hunter; he also enjoys Trapping, Fishing, shed hunting and looking for morel mushrooms. In 2009, his 15 years of QDM practice finally paid off when he harvested his biggest buck (a mature 5 ½ year old 170” 10 point).


Heidi McIvor


Heidi McIvor graduated from H.H. Dow High School and Central Michigan University, earning a bachelor’s degree in business, with a major in entrepreneurship and a minor in marketing. She returned to Midland in 2007 after an internship in Guam at the Pacific Islands Club Resort and teaching English in Seoul, Korea. Her professional experience locally entails being an Event Coordinator and Concierge Manager at 2 local facilities, Interactive Specialist at NextMedia Group, Integrated Marketing Manager for Lincoln Financial Media/Entercom in Atlanta, Georgia to her current position at Local Marketing Inc where she is the head of Automotive for her digital marketing firm.

Digital Marketing, Website Management, Social Media Management, Reputation Management, Marketing Consultancy, Public Speaking / Trainings in Automotive, Marketing, Social Media & Websites, Project Management, Technologically Savvy (early adapter), Event Marketing/Management, Brainstorming/Creative Ideas, Strategy & Branding and more.